10 Reasons To Visit The Bunya Mountains

10 Reasons To Visit The Bunya Mountains

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Visiting the Bunya Mountains is like visiting another world, with ancient, towering trees, the vast array of wildlife, stunning scenery, and an untouched wilderness feel. With a variety of activities and accommodation options to suit all families, it is the perfect escape for a day trip, weekend away, or a week-long stay for families to recharge and reconnect.

The Bunya Mountains are located in Queensland between Dalby and Kingaroy, approximately 90 minutes from Toowoomba, 3 hours from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, and 4 hours from the Gold Coast. The closest airport is located at Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport. The road up the mountain is narrow and windy (with signs stating a bend called Devil’s Elbow, you’ll understand why!), so take it steady and watch for oncoming traffic and wildlife.

Here are 10 reasons why a visit to the Bunya Mountains should be on your list.

1. The super-friendly wildlife

The Bunya Mountains are home to a diverse range of wildlife, including a large array of birds, wallabies (which you will see everywhere!), possums, bandicoots, bats, frogs and other reptiles, and more. In fact, the local parrots will literally fly in to greet you as soon as you step outside your door in the morning with your coffee in hand, while wallabies graze nearby. It is a bird watchers paradise. If you visit during the months of October and November, you’ll also get to experience the magic of fireflies at dusk. The whole family will love spotlighting at night to see all the nocturnal animals!


2. The amazing scenery

Perched some 700 metres above sea level, the views over the surrounding plains appear absolutely endless. Fisher’s Lookout is a great spot to have a picnic while soaking up the views, and it’s also the perfect place to watch the sun set.


3. Get back to nature

There are plenty of nature-based things to do in the Bunya Mountains. Experience the amazing morning mountain mist, you feel like you are standing right inside a cloud! Stand in the rainforest and just breathe. Walk through a giant strangler fig. Feel dwarfed by the massive Bunya pines. Sit on your verandah and simply soak up the views, and enjoy stargazing at the clear skies at night. Kick back, slow down and spend time with each other.


4. Ah, the serenity!

The peacefulness of the Bunya Mountains meant it was the perfect place to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life. I enjoyed my morning coffee on the verandah with the lullaby of bird song in the background, and at nights the cool, crisp mountain air was perfect for roasting marshmallows on the fire, and so conducive to a restful night’s sleep.

5. The delicious Bunya Nut

Stop by at Poppies on the Hill Cafe` to sample one of the many delicious meals that incorporate the Bunya Nut. These giant edible pinecones drop from the Bunya pines between January and March, and were a staple food source for local Indigenous tribes.


6. Take a horse and cart ride

Climb aboard a horse-pulled cart and learn more about the local area! There are a variety of tours available. Visit https://bmhdt.webs.com/ for more information.


7. Walks for all ages

The Bunya Mountains boast over 40 kilometres of walking tracks, ranging from 500 metres to over 10 kilometres, so there is something to suit from the youngest members of the family, to the older and more adventurous hikers.

8. The accommodation

Bunya Mountains accommodation options consist of campgrounds and holiday homes.

For camping, find campgrounds information here.

For holiday houses, check out the range of holiday homes available through  Airbnb and the Bunya Mountains Accommodation Centre. There is a large range of self-contained houses for all travel party sizes and budgets.

9. The local history

Visit Cedarvale History Cottage to learn more about the timbercutters and their families that once lived in the area, and then check out the timber chutes at Russel Park.

10. The monthly markets

The Bunya Mountains Markets are held on the last Sunday of every month from 9am to 2pm, with a variety of stalls selling local and handmade products.

Tips for visiting the Bunya Mountains:

– Bunya Mountain weather is often a lot cooler than surrounding towns due to it’s elevation, even in summer, so always pack some warm clothes.

– The General Store stocks a lot of food and household items if you forget to pack an item, however there is no petrol station or ATM available up on the mountain.

– Phone reception is quite patchy, so enjoy ‘switching off’ and spending time together as family.

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