Review: Tesalate Towel

Tesalate towel

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We were approached a few weeks ago by Tesalate to see if we were interested in receiving one of their towels for a review, so I jumped at the chance to see if these towels really were as good as they claim.

Tesalate towels are a sand-free, super-absorbent, compact and light-weight. We have used this towel for the last two weeks at the beach, camping in our caravan and in the car after a quick dip at a local swimming hole!

After rigorous testing from my kids, I can safely say that these towels are truly sand repellant! Unlike our normal cotton beach towels, the Tesalate towel didn’t hold any sand – a quick flick and shake, and the sand falls right off. I did find that super-wet sand required a bit more of a shake to remove all of it, but even it doesn’t stick to this towel.

My favourite thing about this towel is its size – compact and lightweight, I can easily squeeze it into my bag. This is a big win for travelling in the caravan, where storage space is limited!

The towel is super absorbent and quick-drying, and comes with a handy loop so you can easily hang it to dry. We found the Tesalate towel dried overnight in our caravan ensuite, whereas our regular cotton towels were still damp the next morning.

Tesalate towels come in a wide range of colours, patterns and sizes, with the standard size towel starting at $89 AUD.

So would I say that a Tesalate towel is worth the price tag now that I have tried it for myself? Yes! For our adventurous little family they are totally worth it.

You can check out the Tesalate range here.

Disclaimer: I received a free Tesalate beach towel for a review, however I don’t receive any commission from sales of this product.