Review: Muk Mat

muk mat

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muk mat is a portable, synthetic grass mat designed to remove dirt, sand, dust and mud off your feet and shoes.

Australian-owned and locally made, muk mat is made from water-resistant, recycled materials. Available in a range of sizes and trim colours to suit your preferences, it looks and feels quite luxurious for a synthetic mat, and the quality is superior compared to other outdoor mats we have used over the last few years. The muk mat also rolls up with a velcro strap for easy storage or to take with you on your adventures.

With 3 young children, we’ve always struggled to keep dirt and sand out of the caravan, however with our muk mat I’ve definitely noticed a significant decrease in the mess on the van floor. Cleaning out the mat is a breeze – I simply give it a good shake, or wash it down under a hose when it is really dirty.

It’s quick and easy to set up, especially if we are pulling up for just one night and not fully unpacking, or just stopping for lunch beside the road.

Now that we live in our new house right across the road from the beach, our muk mat is also getting a work out at home after our evening beach walks. We love our muk mat!

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*We purchased our own muk mat to use and review. All opinions expressed are our own!