Fun Things To Do In The Winter School Holidays + A Free Printable!

winter school holidays

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Winter is one of my favourite times of the year to rug up and head out on more adventures with the kids! However, it can be hard to come up with fun things to do in the winter school holidays to keep the whole family entertained. Our Winter School Holidays Bucket List has a mix of our favourite family winter activities to do both indoors and outdoors, and plenty of cheap or free options. Plus there is a free bucket list printable for you to grab at the end!


Winter School Holiday Bucket List

1. Have an indoor picnic – perfect for cold and wet days, set up a blanket on the floor and enjoy a yummy picnic together.

2. Take a road trip – it doesn’t have to be far, even just somewhere in your local area that you haven’t visited in a while!

3. Visit a museum – fun and educational!

4. Go ice-skating (if there is a local ice-rink set up for the holidays!)

5. Have a backyard campfire – complete with roasted marshmallows or s’mores! Don’t forget the toasting forks, and we also love to throw on a colourful fire pack for a rainbow fire!

6. Fly a kite – fun for young and old. 

7. Make hot chocolate – nothing warms you up like a warm, chocolately drink.

8. Have a movie night – turn your lounge room into a home cinema with plenty of popcorn and snuggly blankets!

9. Plant a garden – get ready for spring!

10. Host a board games night – nothing brings out our competitive streaks like Monopoly or Uno!

11. Go bowling – another activity that brings out the competitive streaks in my kids!

12. Have a pyjama day – perfect for cold, rainy days!

13. Make homemade soup – find some yummy recipes here.

14. Do a jigsaw puzzle – we set these up on the dining table during the holidays and enjoy picnic dinners in the lounge room.

15. Visit the library – plenty of new books and movies to be discovered, and often school holiday workshops for the kids, all for free!

Print your free winter bucket list here: Winter School Holidays Bucket List