The Best Caravan Towing Mirrors in Australia

The Best Caravan Towing Mirrors in Australia

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Towing mirrors are an essential item for safely – and legally – towing and travelling with your van, but what are the best caravan towing mirrors in Australia? There are so many choices available today compared to when we first travelled around Australia back in 2006 with our little camper trailer!

Here’s our pick of the best caravan towing mirrors in Australia to suit all size budgets and set-ups for travelling.

Drive Easy Fit Mirrors

best caravan towing mirrors australia

These Drive Easy Fit mirrors are the ones we are currently using with our set-up on the new Prado. These mirrors are suitable for occasional trips and weekends away, and won’t break the budget! We have been surprised with how good these mirrors are, considering they are the cheapest out of all the ones listed in this article.

Price – they are cheap and perfect for those on a budget
Easy to install and remove – they are quick and simple to install, and then just the mirrors can be removed and the strap left on the car.
Easy to adjust – the arm simply slides in and out to suit the width of your tow vehicle.
Aero-dynamics – we have had the occasional passing truck blow these mirrors back in against the car.
Easy to steal or lose – because they simply clip/strap on, the mirrors can be stolen, and you’ll need to check them for tightness regularly.

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Milenco Aero 4 Towing Mirrors

The Milenco Aero 4 mirrors aren’t ones we have personally used, however I have noticed them on other vehicles during our travels, and found plenty of great reviews about them while researching caravan towing mirrors in Australia.

Price – while a bit more expensive than the clip-on mirrors we are currently using, these are still very affordable!
Easy to install – they are simple to install and easy to clip onto your existing car mirrors.
Ease of use – once installed, these are super easy to adjust – simply slide the arm in or out as needed.
Aero-dynamics – the shape and design of these mirrors makes them a lot more aero-dynamic than other mirrors, so you won’t have them blowing back in on themselves while travelling.
Easy to steal or lose – you’ll need to check that the screws are tight on a regular basis so that they don’t become loose and fall off. This also means they are easy to steal, so you may want to remove and store them somewhere safe if security is a problem.

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Adventure Towing Mirrors

Adventure towing mirrors are an affordable option for permanent, extendable towing mirrors. These are the mirrors we used on our old Prado and after 2 years of use, we couldn’t fault them.

Price – while more expensive than clip-on mirrors, they are a quality, budget-friendly option for permanent, extendable towing mirrors.
Permanent – install once, and they stay on!
Ease of use – once installed, these are super easy to use and adjust, with no more switching between mirrors. Simply pull out when towing and push back in when not.
Width – these are wider than a normal mirror, even when fully retracted. I had to manually fold in the driver-side mirror every time I wanted to drive in or out of our garage.
Vehicle specific – if you sell or change vehicles regularly, you’ll need to buy new mirrors.

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Another similar alternative is the Tuff Terrain mirrors from Outback Equipment.

MSA Towing Mirrors

MSA towing mirrors are installed in place of your factory mirrors. While they are more expensive than other products listed here, they are a long-term investment when it comes to durability, and perfect for long-term travel. MSA towing mirrors feature a large, single mirror that rotates on a solid extension slide. When not towing, the mirrors can be returned to the normal non-towing position to fit within your vehicle’s dimensions. The mirrors can be adjusted at the touch of a button, have indictators for increased visibility/safety, and come with a lifetime guarantee. They are vehicles specific though, so you will need to consider the time that you plan to own your car before investing in a set.

Durability – they are a more heavy duty product than others
Reduced vibration – due to the solid extension slide
Pivot design – allows for easy adjustments and increased vision
Fit – retracts to within your car’s normal dimensions when not towing
Ease of use – mirrors are permanently fitted to the vehicle and adjusted at the touch of a button
Lifetime guarantee – for peace of mind
Price – they are pricey than many other extendable mirrors
Vehicle specific – if you change or upgrade your vehicle on a regular basis, you will require new towing mirrors

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Clearview Mirrors

Clearview mirrors are an adjustable, permanent towing mirror that replace your existing car mirrors, which makes them perfect for full-time travel. While expensive, they have a reputation for being the best towing mirrors in Australia. These mirrors were top of our list to purchase with the new car, however after using the Drive Easy Fit mirrors – that cost just a fraction of the price – I couldn’t justify the expense of the Clearview mirrors, so they remain on my wish-list for now.

Permanent – once you install them, they stay there. No switching between clip-on mirrors, and they can’t be stolen easily
Ease of use – once installed, these are super easy to use and adjust, with no more switching between mirrors
Quality – these mirrors are vehicle-specific, and customisabile options include electric or maunal operation, indicators and finishes
Price – they are expensive!
Width – even when fully retracted, they are still slightly wider than a normal mirror, so you may have to fold them in when in crowded car parks or tight spaces to prevent knocks and bumps from pedestrians, walls, and other vehicles.

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