Hello, and welcome to Adventure By 3!

I’m Stacey, wife and mum of 3 children, based in sunny Queensland. We travel part-time in between work, schooling and sporting commitments, all as a single-income family.

I am the main trip (and fun!) planner, organiser of ‘all-the-kids-things’, family chef , and a bit of a thrill-seeker.

My husband C is ‘Mr Fix-It’, a keen fisherman, and is the main driver on road-trips.

Zed (7) is a budding opal miner, lover of history, and could literally talk underwater with a mouth full of marbles (he likes a chat!).

Kiki (6) is a strong and sassy girl, who likes to write stories about her experiences, and is a budding thrill-seeker like her mum.

Roo (4) is the baby of the family, a lover of animals, and is quite possibly the world’s worst back-seat driver.

Launched in 2018, Adventure By 3 is our record of our family travels and adventures as we tick them off our Family Bucket List. From camping in the Outback, to living it up in an international 5-star resort, we will venture anywhere.

Adventure By 3 aims to provide destination information, travel itineraries and ideas, and practical information, hacks and budgeting for family travel planning. With honest reviews and insights into travelling with kids, from the surprising and funny, to the downright crazy and chaotic, we aim to embrace the adventure that is family travel, and inspire other families to do the same.

Email: stacey@adventureby3.com.au
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