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Hi! I’m Stacey, and welcome to my site, Adventure by 3. I am a wife, mother of three young children, uni student, adventure seeker and aspiring writer. Queensland born-and-bred, I currently live in the beautiful Darling Downs region of Southern Queensland. I started this blog in 2018, and it has grown to be a combination of all the things I love in life.

To me, life with my family is all about embracing the adventures in life together, whether big or small, on holidays or in everyday life. Whether jetting off to a new destination, trying a new recipe, reading a new book or simply finding a new way to get more ‘bang for your buck’, finding the adventure in this is what is important to me.

Before children, my husband and I travelled extensively around Australia, as well as visiting Asia and the South Pacific. We loved meeting new people and cultures, trying new experiences that got us out of our comfort zones, and exploring the amazing landscapes and natural wonders we encountered. We created a Family Bucket List of travels and experiences to complete with our children, as to us this is just as important as school in educating them about the amazing world we live in, while also making memories as a family. We are passionate about sharing these experiences, destinations and reviews as we ‘tick’ them off our list.

My interests and passions aren’t just limited to family travel! I am also enthusiastic about books and losing myself in a new novel, budgeting and finance (I L-O-V-E a good spreadsheet!), cooking nutritious family recipes and meal planning, and employing my own version of minimalism in an effort to simplify my busy life. I aim to create free content on this site to help others, in the hopes that they too can enjoy an adventurous life with their families, just like I have.

Email: stacey@adventureby3.com.au
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I own the copyright for all content on this site, including my own images, and content may only be used or re-posted with my permission. All opinions expressed are my own, and sponsored content is always disclosed. Affiliate and referral links are used throughout the site on products and services used by myself. This means I may make a small commission on any items/referrals promoted through these links, at no extra cost to the reader, and enables me to provide all my content for free.


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