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Mystery shopping is when you complete an anonymous shopping assignment on behalf of a company or brand, in exchange for payment. Simply sign up, complete your profile, accept and complete shops, and get paid. Handy Tip: make sure you thoroughly read the specific shopping scenario for each job, to ensure you don’t miss any important steps, otherwise your job could be invalidated and you won’t get paid.

Below are the mystery shopping companies I have personally used over the years:

Creative Activation – plenty of shops to pick from across retail stores, restaurants, home entertainment and telecommunications brands.

Field Agent – download this app to complete shops and audits. Easy to use, and all work, including photos, is submitted straight through the app. Payment is via PayPal.

GBW – I personally haven’t used GBW in a while, as I found the payment rates a bit on the small side for the amount of work involved or distances they want you to travel.

SmartSpotter – sign up, download the app and find assignments in your area to complete through the app. Can take a while to be accepted into the program, as it depends on the demand for shoppers in your area.

The Realise Group – this is a bit of a lengthy sign-up process, however once you are accepted there are plenty of shops to pick from, including in-store, phone and website shops across a wide-range of well-known brands.

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