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Trying new products can be fun, however sometimes your budget doesn’t leave you much room to do so. Not to mention the excitement of trying out the new product and discovering it is a dud, and regretting that you wasted your hard-earned money on buying it. The following sites allow you to try products for free, in exchange for leaving honest feedback on the product.

Social Soup – requires a download of the app to your phone to join and participate in product campaigns. Campaigns also generally require you to share photos to social media.

Home Tester Club – sign up as a member to the site, register your interest in testing products when they are available and then share your review on the site.

Bunch – you’ll need to be a member of Woolworths Rewards to participate. Register with Bunch, and when free samples are available, select a sample. The sample will be loaded to your Woolworths Rewards card, which you then scan at the register in-store at Woolworths to redeem the product. After trying the product, share your review on Bunch. Be warned that it can be a lengthy wait to get accepted into the program.

Flybuys – occasionally you will receive offers of free products. First you’ll need to sign up to Flybuys, and then wait for a email to be sent regarding a free sample being available. Click on the link in the email to activate the offer, and it will be loaded onto your Flybuys card. You then scan your Flybuys card at the register in-store at Coles to receive the product for free. Samples are not all that regular, but free is free, right?

Taste Tester – sign up as a member of the site and opt into sampling in your profile. Emails will be sent to you when samples are available to register your interest.

Mouths of Mums – join up as a member, apply for product trials as they become available, and then leave your review. I’ve seen trials for everything from groceries to family holiday resorts!

Black Box – receive a free box of full-sized products for you to try, and then fill out a product review survey after testing the products. Currently only available to NSW, ACT and VIC residents.

Free Samples Australia – if you want to receive free samples but not bother with testing or reviewing the product, then you can check out the samples listed on this website to try.

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